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Contemporary cuisine with Asian touches

Almost hidden in a side street next to Paço Imperial and Palácio Tiradentes, the charming colonial-style townhouse brings unusual flavors and combines the best of gastronomy with new trends, techniques and ingredients. The result is a rarity among the thousands of restaurants in the city. 

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Tasting menu

Hachiko's Festival

Hachiko offers for lunch and dinner the Fusion Gastronomy Festival which is served as a Tasting Menu. 

Several contemporary dishes are served in sequence, interspersed with the Sushi Bar where the traditional Sashimis, Sushis and Ceviches come from.

The entire menu is made with the freshest ingredients on the market, so Hachiko does not have a Fixed Menu. 

The Tasting is adapted for the most varied palates, vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies or who do not enjoy Japanese cuisine are very well attended. The menu is customized for each one. 

Our mission is a differentiated experience, serving the most different palates, uniting cuisines from various countries with an Asian touch.

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